Friday, January 21, 2011

Drag Friday: Detox iCunt

Oh hell yes! It is the first blog of the DRAG Friday series. In these blogs, I will be featuring some FIERCE Drag Queens you all aught to know! I will do a few more of these blogs next week, to celebrate the NEW season of Rupaul's Drag Race! Why I've chosen to write about Detox as the first Drag is that the fact that, Rupaul and his shit cast crew didn't YET AGAIN, put Detox on the show.


The other reasons are that she wears THIERRY MUGLER (Like I do, darling!) As you can see in the image on the right. Her lipsync skills are extremely tight and skillful. Especially if she is preforming song's done and remixed by the fabulous Sierrah Foxx. I think she is the most known for her seizure-lipsync moves, which, if I may add, is NOT an easy thing to do, especially with the songs she does. So her style is not the most common one when it comes to her stage presence. 

Drag daughter of Mizz Cori, (Whom I will be talking about later as well.) Detox has appeared in Rihanna's Disturbia music video (left image from the video shoot) and also in a Ke$ha music video, don't remember which one, for.. obvious reasons. She also has been on the 'who-almost-made-it' on Rupauls Drag Race, and especially now, she is featured in a blog on LOGO. In the Season 3 audition videos, she can be seen as well as with Disco Dollie. Both of them should have been on the show, instead of those fish-serving, kiki-fucking messes!

So, if you are living in West Hollywood, go support this bitch as much as you can! ♥

Detox preforming a remix song done by the most amazing Sierrah Foxx. 

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