Tuesday, January 25, 2011

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3 -Casting Special-

Alright, I just watched this first episode, a casting special episode! And boy am I furious. As Santino, the king of homeless chic and RuPaul said, the world is going to gag! Uhm, gurl. no. Or perhaps they are going to gag on how awful Stacy Layne Matthews is. Guuuurl.

Out of all big girls, they chose her? Someone who paints like a real girl would, and who almost could fly away with her god damn batwing arms. Didn't the casting crew already learn from season 1 and 2? Okay, let me get this straight before you're going to say something about Victoria 'Porkchop' Parker, she is a very successful pageant girl, and trust me, she knows her shit. (Well.. Except sewing skills.) Victoria is in the photo on the left!

They could have chosen for example, Misty Eyez or Madame LaQueer (And Mizz Cori applied for season 3?), these queens-- gurl. They will whop yo' ass to chinatown and back. The Queen on the left, is Misty Eyez herself! She is the Drag Mother of the famous Rebecca Glasscock! But hey, at LEAST Mimi Imfirst and Delta Work made it.

And out of skinny fierce girls they could have chosen; Detox iCunt, Disco Dollie or Rhea Litre' but no! And this stunning Queen to the right is Disco Dollie! But something positive at least.. Venus D-Lite and Raja made it! ♥

oh and ps. Phoenix, you suck camel toe. kthxbai :)

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