Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday: Faux/Bio Queens

As you may have noticed I've skipped the DRAG FRIDAY blogs, and replaced it with this blog instead, because some of you needs education! There's actually biological women who does drag as well. Holy shit?! Guess you thought only gay fems did drag now huh? (More blogs concering this topic coming.)
Shame on you. 

Yes, indeed -real- females do Drag as well. Not everyone's cup of tea, such a shame though. But, hey your loss

These Queens don't have to tuck, create cleavage or pad the life out of their bodies. But they do have a challenge on looking like a man who is dressed as a female. Of course this doesn't apply for everyone, but in general. Perhaps a really known Bio Queen is Holy McGrail. (In both photos) Not only can she smack that paint on her face like no tomorrow, she does her wigs, nails and outfits herself as well. I don't even remember how I found out about her, it was a few years ago, perhaps it was a trannyshack preformance she did. Netherless, she is amazing. I do remember seeing her profile on the season ONE casting of RuPaul's Drag Race on the internet.

And an other popular drag queen who I already mentioned in a previous blog; Drag Noa. Not only is she the first ever female to enter the gala drag queen, she is one fierce cunt.

For those who are really intrested, there is a documentary about drag queens, is it called Queens For a Night. Not only is it a brilliant documentary, it also features bio drag queens and transexual drag queens.

Until next times darlings, chu~♥ 

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