Tuesday, February 8, 2011

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3 Totally! (re)TARDED

Alright! Over 500 views ya'll! Thank you! Oh my lawrd! This episode was filled with drama and catch phrases I will take to the grave honey! And! Wait for it.. La Toya Jackson was as a guest judge! I have no clue what she does or who she is but hallelujah! Her nose is as real as my tits created with duct tape! And that Billy B? Who? I think his name should be Billy C, as in Billy Clueless. Buuut anyway!

The mini-challenge was a pair challenge, to create a look with only duct tape. No idea what was going on with the challenge, a lot of tucking and what?! Oh well. Manilla and Carmen won the challenge and they became the team leaders.

The main challenge was yet again a film challenge, the teams had to make a work out video. I absolutely love this challenge! Team Manila was first! Manilla's team; Raja, Shangela, Mimi Imfurst, Alexis Mateo and Stacy Layne. First of all, did you see Raja's AMAZING shoes? Gurl, I'm gagging for those shoes! The French Drag Queen Bettie Bitch uses the same heels as well. Everyone did such a good job in this challenge except Mimi, who was, yet again overly... what ever you want to call that... thing she did. Personally, I can't choose who was the best. I really can't! I mean those work-out moves were so good, I will be doing these! Getting into shape for summer 2015! After seeing them, I knew they were the winning team.

And then for the second team Carmen's team; Delta Work, Mariah, Yara Sofia and India Ferrah. Okay, were do I begin? How about here, booooooooooring. Oh except Delta, HILARIOUS. She was amazing, the best on the team.

Gowns, gowns and gowns! The queens had to wear clothing which shows off their.. favorite.. parts..yes?
Delta & Stacy.. titties titties and MORE titties! ♥ I almost turned lesbian when I saw those bewbs gurl! Nothing really that amazing to mention but.. yeah! So, heres the shocker of the day! The teams were NOT judged as a team, only individually. And I don't know was RuPaul's wig on too tight, or Lay Toya's fake nose too distracting, what on earth happened with the top & bottom queens?? Mateo won and Mimi&India were in the bottom. I agree with the bottom queens but not with the choice of the winner. 

Now for the lipsync for your LAIF! part. Mimi, oh dear, were do I start? It does hurt to write these things, because I've been following you for years. But now, you lost all my respect towards you, I'm sorry. I won't be commenting on the lipsync skills, since we both know what I mean. But the blocking judges view to see India AND lifting her? What the fuck has that to do with the song OR with anything else? That is BEYOND shady.

Ding dong, finally the witch is dead. 

Ps. I truly have to eat my words, I start to absolutely adore Stacy Layne! She is wroking it.

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