Friday, May 13, 2011

The winners on Ruru's Drag Race

Yes darlings, it has been ages, but due to health issues, I had to stop blogging. But gurl, I AM BACK. I am back with a BAM, just like.. Gurl, who had an amazing comeback? Eh, who cares!

Okay, so there has been a lot of bitching about the winner of the third season. What the hell is wrong with you cunts? Raja is beyond amazing, she totally deserved it. I'd understand if you'd bitch and moan about the winners of the previous seasons, but.. this season? But anyway, now I am going to bich and moan about the previous season winners *winks* Showing you children how its DONE!

Nina Flowers should have won season one. Hands down, up, in your pants and so on. Rupaul sure was on crack, coke, all that shit. Bebe should have been sent home already in episode FIVE. Not only is Nina extremely talented with make-up, she's also really talented on stage. Unlike Bebe that is. You really don't need to have a high IQ to get why Nina should have won.

Raven should have won season two. I do like Tyra Sanchez though, but, Raven is just ten times more amazing. Raven is just so versatile when it comes to looks, songs, all that! Tyra just does her Rihanna, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj illusions. Which are of course amazing, but not at the same level as Raven.

So in conclusion, most of the judges are just on crack. Especially Billy C ( C, standing for clueless.) I cannot stand him, has no f*cking clue what he talks about, well same goes for Santino Rice as well. Where does Rupaul find these hobos? BUT! Thank you lawd Jesus for Michelle Visage! You're fabulous darling! Thank you so much for replacing that old hag. <3

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