Sunday, May 29, 2011

Soldier's Girl

Soldier's Girl

This will be a very personal, yet short blog about this movie. The movie is based on a true story, about a transgendered woman and a soldier who fall in love. The movie follows the showgirl life of Calpernia Addams and  Barry Winchell 's soldier career. How they meet, how they fall in love. I tend not to tell everything what happens in the movie, or well, this specific thing I am leaving out. After watching the movie, you shall understand why. I truly recommend everyone to watch this movie, for a deeper understanding, yet again about transgenderism, what truly love is, and how violent human nature can be.

Soldier's Girl is one of the two movies, which has made me cry like a child. Not only is Calpernia Addams a huge inspiration to me, but the story itself, well, words cannot describe the most utter sorrowfilled feelings. After watching the movie, you'd might like to read Calpernia's thoughts, comments and story about the events surrounding this, please click here. On Callie's personal blog about this event, theres the pageant video from that same night, also a donation link for getting rid of Don't Ask Don't Tell policy.

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