Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Haus" of Estrada Spring 2012 NY FAME "fashion" WEEK


I want to get this off my chest first, I only watched the show on YouTube hence Yara Sofia, Carmen Carrera, Alexis Mateo, Shangela and Diva Davanna were on the show, otherwise, I would have just closed the videos down so fast even Jesus would have been scared. 

I don't even know where to begin, this.. So called fashion show, was so dreadful, I couldn't even cope with the fact that someone who has been on Project Runway and had the chance to show their collection at an event such as this would produce such utter bullshit. Harsh, yes, but who said the fashion world is a kindergarten? 

The models look like they are a deer caught in headlights, I kind of can understand this, if you hire girls who has never been on a runway before, and with those shoes. Not particularly hard to walk in, as the people mentioned above demonstrated. Plus the shoes were chunk-heels, so there is really no excuse for the extremely poor walking. Also the models walked very slow in the beginning, as if they would have an egg between their legs. Then they start to speed up, and all of a sudden we're ALMOST at the speed of normal runways. One of the models almost fell down the stairs when she was going to go off the stage, hilarious! Another model didn't know which side to exit on, brilliant! I cannot, I can't, I mean, what. What the hell were you thinking, designer?
If I find an interview or something else where it says you were proud of your show, gurl, I will come to NY and personally smack you in the face in the name of F A S H I O N. 

And if not this is horrible enough, wait for it.. CLUTCH PURSES FOR MEN! The men wear was actually quite okay, except the horrid purses, I mean cmon now, can you imagine a man saying OH! This is a clutch purse, FOR MEN! But hey, another positive thing, the male models were good actually! Hurray for you!

Oooh, at this point I feel like I am Michael Kors. I am serving you some Michael Kors realness hunty! 

P.s. Oh and, the runway music, well, you most likely know what I'll be saying. 

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