Friday, November 11, 2011

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4

They announced who are on season 4! I right away recognized Chad Michaels, Willam, Madame LaQueer, Sharon Needles AND! Kenya Michaels. WEEEEEEEK!
(Yes bitch, I was suprised myself that I knew so many of the drags beforehand)
Gurl, these mentioned above will already be serving you some drag hunty. I really cannot wait for the new season to start! And if Shangela pops out of a f*cking box again this season, I will seriously go down to the studio and put an axe in that bitches back, hello!

Sadly my picks didn't make it on season 4, and, well Detox didn't even audition for season 4. GURL WHAT? There was a lot of rumours going on about her being on season 4, but yes, all rumours. Even though Misty Eyez didn't make it on season 4, Ms. LaQueer will be representing the big girls this season, no Mimi Imlast here! 

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