Monday, November 14, 2011

Fiercenss Overload!

Well, no not really.

They finally released photos and videos of the boys in drag! The videos are around 2 minutes long and can be viewed on Logo's website, or just click here to go view them right now! Click (Also can be viewed outside US)
Sooo, here's my list of those queens who are actually sick'ning and/or fierce, and those who of course didn't make the cut.

(In no particular order)

Sharon Needles
The Princess (Sheesh, what a creative name.)
Kenya Michaels
Madame LaQueer
Chad Michaels


Phi Phi O'Hara
Alisa Summers


Lashauwn Beyond (Biitch, I was like Akashia the second?)
Latricia Royale (... I guess this is how the other queens looked like in drag for the first time.)
Dida Ritz (Sweety, no.)
Jiggly Caliente (I guess every season needs to have a crappy big girl.)
Milan (I'm so excited as well! to see you go home in the first episode! hollers!)

Season four is going to be canceled! - Sharon Needles

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