Saturday, February 4, 2012

RPDR Season 4 - First Impressions & UnTUCKED

Alright, Vagina-comments on the Queens!

Dida Ritz - I love how you say they need to concentrate on learning and how to sew clothing, yet you have a busty ass bra on and panties? And some shit wrapped around your waist, gurl, shush.

Milan - Uhm, I really don't know what you think about her yet, I'll just say this, keep your head up. Don't let that cheap ass Dida Ritz read you.

Phi Phi O'Hara - I actually liked you in the beginning before I saw you opening your yapping mouth. You are stunning in drag and handsome in boy-mode but biitch, when you open your mouth, nasty. In a way it is fun that you act all confident, but yet you keep throwing shade and reading your ass off? What is up with that? And sweetie, it is SO obvious that you are jealous of Willam. Next.

Willam - I love her! Some girls seem to misunderstand her or something, like what the hell? Laugh you serious twats, she fucking funny and gorgeous.

Madame LaQueer - F a b u l o u s! I've been a fan of hers for years now and she is turning it!

Jiggly Caliente - Go home already. And bitch, you ain't no Beyoncé.

Lashauwn Beyond - Not impressed.

Latrice Royale - I used to dislike a lot in the beginning, but after I saw her performance, and seeing her on the show, biiitch LOVE Latrice!

Chad Michaels - Been a fan of hers for years as well, and she is of course one of my favorites!

The Princess - Oh sweet jesus save me now, she is beyond handsome in boy-mode. -melts- Mmmhmm, one of my favorites as well!

Alisa Summers - Nothing to say.

Sharon Needles - My favorite. She is just beyond amazing.

Kenya Michaels - One of my favorites as well, she is just one talented little bitch!

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