Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rupaul's Drag Race and Trans-Hate

Sonique Love

It is official, I've had it with all that trans-hate shit when it comes to RuPaul's Drag Race. I've been reading idiots' comments on RuPaul's Drag Race: All-Star's facebook page. I've got to say, I have never read such ridiculous bullcrap.

" Sonique or Carmen Carrera shouldn't be allowed to be on All Stars because they are women now. " ...What? Didn't you know that Carmen Carrera was already on hormones when she was on season 3? If we are now talking about that trans women shouldn't be allowed to be on Drag Race. Oh, piss off you!

I cannot even understand why gays are starting to diss trans people all of a sudden? What on earth has their gender to do with Drag Race? A drag queen is not only a gay man dressed up as a woman, but straight, bi, trans,women, and everything in between. Drag is drag. Stop taking it so f*cking seriously. Drag is all about entertaining, freeing yourself, enjoying and all the positive things.

Carmen Carrera
And then there's those comments about them both being only all about body body body and.. body, nothing else. (Hint hint India Ferrah.) If the drag they do bothers you so much, kindly stop watching their performances. It is that simple! Who would have guessed? I enjoy their performances quite a lot, both of them are so talented and unique.

Isn't there already enough discrimination? I guess not since there still are trollers trolling. 

There are so many transgenders who does drag, who are so talented, so instead of hating and dissing, support and share the love. 


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