Friday, June 29, 2012

To my dearest India Feihl

Sorry, I just had to. GAG!

I've wanted to do a blog about this for so long, especially when I was reading the drama going on between India Ferrah (Feihl) and Carmen Carrera , and firstly, my dear, I have to get this of my chest, (as I already said to you in the comments on facebook) "Leg-and-dairy, sure, but legendary? cute x". I'm sorry that I have to break it to you this way, but you, alas, will never be a legend. Here are a few examples of real legends:
Divine, Leigh Bowery, RuPaul, Nina Flowers, Coco Peru, Varla Jean Merman, Joey Arias, Lady Bunny, Lahoma, Christina, Sweetie, just to name a few.

The way you attacked not only the trans-community but Carmen Carrera, gurl, no. Hence why I am coming at you, reading the living shit out of you. *giggles* No not really, I'll just write what I think and thought about all this crap!

(If anyone wants to read the full message she wrote to her fans, kindly click here which will lead you to Oh No They Didn't livejournal.)

Of course the message it towarded trans-women and those who does more fishy-drag. I cannot understand why she is so pissed that no-one wants to book her over-accessorized ass? I mean let's get real here gurlfriend. Yes, drag is not what it was 10 years ago, that is why you should evolve, right? Or, just keep doing what you're doing, there are people who appriciate old drag, such as myself. But blaming it on others that you're not booked and its not fun blah blah, really gurl? Just, enough. You were full of excuses on drag race already.

I sadly don't have the comments saved which India wrote, (which were written towards Carmen), but yeah, nasty shit. Why are you against gay hate but then attack the trans-community? 

And mind you, I used to a fan of yours, I truly enjoyed what you did, until now.

Now, sashay away. 

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