Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ke$ha - Pretty Lady (Feat. Detox)

Ke$ha's new song is about drag queens! I am not really a fan of Ke$ha, but this song is just so gewwd. <3
My drag queen idol Detox is featured on the song! (Click here if you'd like to see Detox perform this song at Micky's!)

I was reading the YouTube comments about the male-vocals in the song, and people kept saying it is.. Jeffree Star. ..What. His voice is nothing near Detox's. Even one "hardcore" Ke$ha fan said:
It's Jeffree Star you ignorant cunts. Look it up your fucking idiotic twats. Jeffree Star even states that it IS him for a fact. Smh at you fake Ke$ha fans."

Hmm, really? How Embarrassing.

From the lyrics:

Lady Lloyd and Detox,

champagne on the e-rocks,

watch all this jaw drop.

Oooh, shut the fuck up! I'm a real woman.

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