Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Holding out for Sharon Needles

Kindly watch the video first, before reading this blog. I must warn you beforehand though,  two of the most embarrassing "activists" verbally attack and bully Sharon Needles.

Alright, let's get it started! It is perfect that I am currently in such a furious mood, that I'll read those two clowns from head to toe. (Also known as Enakai & Maura Ciseaux) Dear white girl (oh, by the way, since I am a WHITE man-woman, I am allowed to call you white, okay? Do we clearly understand each other?) Oh wait, since I'm dead pale, perhaps I am not allowed to call you white, since I am an undead racist---? Anyway, the way you begin the, what ever you are doing, is just an attack after an attack. The shameless laughters the man(?) does, and all that shit. SHAME THE F*CK ON YOU. Is this what you represent? I am ashamed that there are clowns such as these who actually represent anti-racism/homophobia all that fun stuff. Ugh. Aren't there any other MORE important issues, than bullying Sharon Needles? Oh, I guess not.

I cannot quite grasp the thing you are going after(since it is clearly not for an apology), is it because Sharon used the N word, and the fact that YOU out of all are offended by that? No, just gurl, no. Yes, N word shouldn't be used, but for the love of penis, it is Sharon Needles. I've read comments by numerous dark skinned/African American people and they were NOT offended, and they are the ones who SHOULD be offended, if anyone should be. So kindly, enough.

Also the points you are making that she wore a nazi-inspired outfit while performing a DISNEY song, yes, A DISNEY SONG. Now, how can you not understand it is shock-value and entertainment? Things should be talked about such as Nazism, it shouldn't be a taboo in any kind of way. We all need to know what they did and what happened, it is NOT a hush-subject. And lastly, those two twats were offended by it as well, fun.

The man(?) " I'm not hurt, I don't want an apologize" THEN WHAT DO YOU WANT?? Clearly, you were bullied, and now you want to bully someone because of your low self-esteem, to put it kindly.
"Thats context, darling" Oh. Aren't you a clever girl?

I know I shouldn't attack these clowns in this manner, but I am SO furious that they cannot see what Sharon Needles has done in support of freaky kids (and others of course!), SUCH AS MYSELF. I am a proud Sharon Needles fan, and if you're going at my queen, gurl, I am coming at you. Especially in such cases as this.

I love you Sharon, and I thank you for everything you've done. 

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